Oscar-Worthy Party Foods

Sunday night is Oscar night. Although I don’t take much interest in award shows, I do take interest in any reason to have people over for some delicious food. The Oscars make for a great excuse to create unique menu items inspired by the films that have been nominated.

So let’s turn to the world wide web for some Oscar-worthy bites you can serve at your own gathering. The nominees are….

1. Nebraska: I only think of one thing when I hear “Nebraska” and that’s corn. Hot + Cheesy Corn Dip from How Sweet It Is
2. Dallas Buyer’s Club: Because Texas is all about steak, try this Steak Bruschetta from Christina Ferrare
3. American Hustle: I’m reaching with this one, by you’ll love this Double Apple-“Brustle” Slaw 🙂 from Food & Wine
4. Captain Phillips: Meet Captain Morgan in this Rum Clementine Cocktail from Jelly Toast
5. Her: Even more alluring than the voice in your iPhone, you’ll certainly fall in love with Roasted Cherry Dark Chocolate Brownies from Pastry Affair

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